We are a small, rag-tag group of mercenaries for hire, framed by a government that denies we exist.  If you need help, and you can find us, maybe you can call—

No, sorry, that’s another group.  We’re a small group of agile coaches in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that enjoy what we do, and want to help others be better at this crazy profession we have chosen.

In 2014, Omar Bermudez hosted an Agile Coach Retreat in Montreal.  Wanting to go, but unable to, Mike Kaufman thought to bring the same event to Toronto.  With the help of some great friends, the first event happened in February of 2015.  It was a great success and people wanted more. A year later, the 2nd Retreat occurred, and from there it has been a regular semi-annual event in the Toronto agile community at large.  While the format has changed from the original idea envisioned by Omar, the fundamental principle has remained:  provide a safe space to learn, and practice, practice, practice.

Today, the event is coordinated by these wonderful, beautiful people who volunteer their time and energy to make it happen:

  • Joanne Stone
  • Shahin Sheidaei
  • Patrick Li
  • Mike Kaufman
  • Omar Bermudez